Tom Maxon - T'ai Chi Ch'uan style Yang


With over 40 years of practice and teaching experience, Tom Maxon combines a physically challenging and entertaining teaching style to create a comfortable learning environment. Tom Maxon teaches these forms.

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   In 1971 & 1972 while briefly living at the San Francisco Zen Center I started looking for a physical culture that would compliment my sitting meditation practice. Luckily a fellow Zen student had discovered the Inner Research Institute School of T'ai Chi Ch'uan which was within walking distance and flourishing under the combined teachings of Susan Foe, Martin Inn, and Robert Amacker. After briefly leaving the Bay area I returned in 1973 and began my practice and study which continues to this present day. I look forward to teaching both new and experienced students and do my best to make the classes entertaining and physically challenging.

   My teaching emphasizes an approach that gives students a series of movement exercises that augment and clarify the more complex movements of the 37 or 108 movement solo forms. Cooperative two person forms (hand pushing, Da lu) will be included as soon as I can get across a standard of solid theoretical and physical skills.


Tom Maxon

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