Tai Chi Ch’uan sword

12/31/2010 13:51

  1. Beginning posture
  2. The immortal points out the way
  3. Three rings around the moon
  4. Major star of the dipper
  5. The swallow seizes the water
  6. Intercept and sweep right and left
  7. Minor star of the dipper
  8. The wasp enters the hive
  9. The alert cat catches the rat 

10. The dragonfly skims the water
11. The swallow enters the nest
12. The Phoenix spreads its wings
13. Whirlwind to the right
14. Waiting for the fish
15. Separate the grass to find the snake
16. Embrace the moon
17. Send the birds up into the forest
18. The black dragon wags its tail
19. The wind rolls up the lotus leaves
20. The lion shakes his head
21. The tiger embraces his head
22. The wild horse leaps over the stream
23. Turn the body to rein the horse
24. The south pointing compass
25. Greet the wind to wipe away the dust
26. Drift with the current
27. The meteor pursues the moon
28. The heavenly horse (Pegasus) flies over the waterfall
29. Raise up the curtain
30. The sword wheels left and right
31. The swallow holds mud in his mouth
32. The Roc spreads its wings
33. Dredging the moon from the sea bottom
34. Embrace the moon
35. The Yak Sha searches the sea
36. Rhinoceros gazes at the moon
37. Shoot the wild goose
38. The blue dragon stretches out its claw
39. The Phoenix spreads its wings
40. Cross and block left and right
41. Shoot the wild goose
42. The white ape offers the fruit
43. Falling blossoms left and right
44. Fair lady weaves at the shuttle
45. The white tiger stirs its tail
46. The carp leaps over the dragon gate
47. The black dragon wraps around the pillar
48. The immortal points out the way
49. The wind sweeps away the plum blossoms
51. Offering the ivory tablets
52. Embrace the sword and return to the original position