Fundamentals of T’ai Chi Ch’uan Lesson 3

12/31/2010 14:23


Ward off left and Ward off right loop


Finding fault with timing and position,

And disorder in the body,

Seek the defect in the waist and legs. * 


  • Moving in a continual loop from a Bow & Arrow Stance with the left foot forward to a Bow & Arrow Stance with the right foot forward.


a) Position yourself in a B&A Stance with your left foot forward and your right foot at 45 degrees.

b) Shift your weight 100% onto your left foot and turn your waist to the corner.

c) Without shifting any weight off your left leg step out with your right foot heel first to the wall on your right.

d) With your waist still to the corner controlling with your left leg shift on the diagonal (keeping your weight on your bubbling wells) to a 50 /50 position then take over the weight shift with your right leg turn your waist to the wall and let your left foot pivot on the heel to the corner until your weight is 70% on your right foot and 30% on your left.

e) Shift your weight 100% onto your right leg and repeat steps b c &d on the other side.

f) Keep going.


* From the T’ai Chi Classics. 


Copyright 2000 Tom Maxon 





Tom Maxon

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